What South Africa Do You Want To Live In?

It's Time To Take Back Our Future Together

Platform For Democracy

Are you worried about your future or your children's future?

Patriot Democracy is a community-driven platform that protects the privacy of its participants allowing anyone to help fight for democracy and our countries future.

There is hope for South Africa's future, we just need to work together.

Voting & Democracy

Patriot Democracy believes that in a Democracy the people have the power, and the South African people have just not learnt how to use that power effectively.

By voting as a group for the right collection of parties we can change our countries future. The Patriot Voting System empowers choice and promotes democracy.

Community & Participation

Our future is not guaranteed by the past. Our actions or inactions determine our future.

We are stronger together and together as a community we can look after each other, help each other and the impossible becomes achievable.

Government & Socialism

We are a Democracy run by a destructive Socialist government.

Many see the failings of the ANC as just incompetence. Patriot Democracy views it as deliberate intentional tactics and strategy.

Only by understanding Socialism and its destructive, murderous past can we understand how the ANC government functions and how it is actively working to converting our Democracy into a Socialist state.


When we ask the government to fix a problem, politics gets in the way and is tainted by corruption and politics twists the agenda.

Patriot Democracy does not believe in waiting for the government to fix our problems, we believe the people of South Africa can fix our own problems.

We a country with serious problems, and to address serious problems we need a place to collect, discuss and promote ideas for real change.